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 Posted: Thu Apr 4th, 2019 02:10 pm
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9/4/1962 Bridgeport CT
The Scufflin' Hillbillies DDQ The Fabulous Kangaroos 
Killer Kowalski beat Bud Cody
Bobo Brazil beat Gordo Chihuahua
Vittorio Apollo beat Tommy O'Toole 
Tony Manousas beat Joe Quinones
Magnificent Maurice beat Ken Ackles
The Fabulous Kangaroos beat Gregory Jarque & Paul Diamond

9/5/1962 Holyoke MA
Flash Thomas & Eugenio Perez beat Golden Boy Dupree & Mad Mongol DQ
Billy Graham beat Hector Serrano
Tony Zollo beat Angelo Rocca

9/11/1962 Bridgeport CT
Bobo Brazil beat Magnificent Maurice DQ
Bobo Brazil beat Frank Valois 
Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice beat Kenny Ackles & Gregory Jarque
The Fabulous Kangaroos beat Eugenio Marin & Pete Sanchez
Arnold Skoaland beat Joe Quinones
Vittorio Apollo beat Tony Altimore

9/12/1962 Holyoke MA
Mary Jane Mull beat Lucille Dupree
Tony Zollo beat Great Kilroy DQ
Jesse James beat Golden Boy Dupree DQ

9/13/1962 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa beat Terry Garvin
Mighty Ursus beat Chief White Eagle
Lucille Dupree beat Mary Jane Mull
Haystack Muldoon & Boston Bruiser beat Gino Perez & Alex Medina
Mad Mongol beat Flash Thomas
Golden Boy Dupree beat Angie Rocca

9/14/1962 New Haven CT
Edouard Carpentier & Bobo Brazil beat The Fabulous Kangaroos

9/18/1962 Bridgeport CT
Antonino Rocca & Miguel Peres DDQ Chris Tolos & John Tolos
Chris Tolos & John Tolos beat Gregory Jarque & Pete Sanchez 
Antonino Rocca beat Frank Valois 
Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice beat Tony Martinelli & Eugenio Marin
Hans Schmidt beat Angelo Savoldi
Bobo Brazil beat Tommy O'Toole 

09/18/1962 Worcester MA
Mighty Ursus vs Gino Perez
Chief White Eagle vs Haystack Muldoon
Tony Zollo vs Angelo Rocca
Terry Garvin vs Tommy Thomas

9/19/1962 Holyoke MA
Chief White Eagle beat Haystack Muldoon DQ
Flash Thomas draw Mad Mongol
Lucille Dupree NC Mary Jane Mull

9/20/1962 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa beat Frank Shields
Mighty Ursus beat Chief White Eagle & Flash Thomas
Gino Perez beat Terry Garvin
Golden Boy Dupree beat Bill Graham
Bambi Ball beat Mary Jane Mull
Alex Medina draw Mad Mongol

9/25/1962 Bridgeport, CT
Antonino Rocca & Edouard Carpentier draw Chris Tolos & John Tolos
Chris Tolos & John Tolos beat Eugenio Marin & Jack Miller
Antonino Rocca beat Gordo Chihuahua
Edouard Carpentier beat Tommy O'Toole
Bobo Brazil beat Angelo Savoldi & Miguel Torres
Hans Schmidt beat Gregory Jarque 
Vittorio Apollo beat Frank Valois 
Buddy Rogers beat Pete Sanchez

9/26/1962 Holyoke MA
Haystack Muldoon beat Angelo Rocca
Tony Zollo beat Mad Mongol DQ
Chief White Eagle & Gino Perez beat Mad Mongol & Golden Boy Dupree

9/26/1962 Norwalk CT
Bobo Brazil & Dory Dixon vs Magnificent Maurice & Johny Barend
Kangaroos vs Argentina Rocca & Miguel Perez
Tony Manousis vs Tommy O'Toole
Enrique Torres vs Frank Valois

9/27/1962 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa beat Mighty Ursus
Joe Crugnale & Frederico Giovanni beat Terry Garvin & Mad Mongol
Eugenio Perez beat Haystack Mulddon
Golden Boy Dupree beat Frank Shields
Big Daddy Robinson beat Angelo Rocca
Vincent Garibaldi beat Diamond Jim Brady
Bambi Ball & Lucille Dupree beat Alma Mills & Mary Jane Mull

09/27/1962 Boston MA
Verne Gagne beat Dick The Bruiser Afflis DQ
Bill Miller beat Ricky Sexton
Yankee Bulls beat Paddy Sullivan & Kenny Ackles
Cal West beat Johnny Cannon
Ricky Sexton beat Antone Leone