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 Posted: Thu Apr 4th, 2019 02:29 pm
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From Rich at KM again with the newspaper archives.

Columbus, IN
Mitsu Arakawa beat Nick Bockwinkel 2-1 falls
Bronko Lubich drew Don McClarty
Angelo Poffo beat Doug Lindzy (Gilbert)

Muncie, IN
Ray & Roy Shire drew Wilbur Snyder & Cowboy Bob Ellis
The Volkoffs beat Nick Bockwinkel & Johnny Weaver
Roy Shire drew Cowboy Bob Ellis

Muncie, IN
Wilbur Snyder, Cowboy Bob Ellis & Nick Bockwinkel
vs The Sheik & The Volkoffs

Cowboy Ellis vs The Sheik
Wilbur Snyder vs Nicoli Volkoff
Nick Bockwinkel vs Boris Volkoff

St. Cloud, MN
Ice Arena
Nick Bockwinkel vs Ivan Putski
Larry Hennig vs Buddy Wolfe
Greg Gagne & Jum Brunzell vs Paul Perschmann & Yugo Babich
Chris Taylor vs Horst Hoffmann