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Welcome to’s coverage of Lucha Libre AAA’s press conference announcing their 9/15 debut at Madison Square Garden.  We are live from the Chase Lobby in MSG.

Impact Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore, Ed Nordholm and Tessa Blanchard are in attendance at the conference.

No sign of AEW in any form.

Former WWC and WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich is here.

The press conference was officially with an explanation of AAA and its history, noting it was founded in 1992 by the late Antonio Pena and continues to be run by the Pena family.  They have a great combination of athletics and paegantry that families all over the world enjoy.  They had everyone in attendance put on lucha masks for a big viral photo that they will be posting on social media.  Some of those on stage had a mask that featured the Statue of Liberty on it.

They announced AAA will invade NY for the first time (they forgot their July 1994 show!) on 9/15 with tickets going on sale on 5/5, Cinco del Mayo.

MSG had a rep who said they were happy to welcome AAA to Madison Square Garden.  It's an exciting time for pro wrestling fans in NYC with G1 Supercard sold out, Wrestlemania this weekend and the first Wrestlemania taking place here. 

They noted that wrestling has been held in MSG since the 1800s.  MSG has hosted a who's who of stars and they look forward to adding to that list when the luchadors come to MSG.  They noted that AAA ran the Theater before and they are happy to bring them to MSG.  He thanked Dorian Rodan for bringing AAA to the Garden.  He thanked the luchadors themselves and said they look forward to AAA stars performing in front of a sold out crowd.

They brought up Kelly Curtin of NYC & Company to the stage.  She was excited to welcome AAA and its luchadors to NYC and MSG.  They will all enoy themselves here in NYC, a top ten visitor market and they are happy to have a relationship with Mexico City.  They know fans are coming from Mexico and all over the NYC area and wherever they are from, they will enjoy all that NYC has to offer.  They invite everyone to make a holiday out of it as its the eve of Mexico's Independence Day.    There will be something in NYC for family members of any age.  She congratulated Dorian Rodan for bringing AAA to NYC.  She said NYC has many teams and many sporting events, including international events.  The enthusiasm of NYC sports fans is second to none.  This week it's Wrestlemania week. The last time Wrestlemania was in NYC they drew fans from all 50 States and many countries.  She thanked the Mexican consulate and MSG for their help.  They are counting down to the tickets going on sale on 5/5 and AAA coming to MSG.

The Mexican consulate rep Carlos Gerardo Izzo thanked everyone who was here.  It is important to show some of Mexico's culture and traditions in an iconic place like MSG.  He noted the large Mexican population in NYC and they will get to cheer on their luchadors.  He thanked everyone for coming and said he hoped to have an iconic event for everyone.  

Peter Luukko of Oak View Group spoke next, joking he's never worn a mask at a press conference before.  When they founded their company, the goal was to form an alliance among some of the biggest arenas in the world.  The purpose was to bring the buildings together and have meaningful conversations about sponsorships, security and bringing special content to all the venues.  On the content side, lucha libre was brought to them.  When they were introduced to Dorian Rodan and conversations began about bringing lucha to the United States, they had to start at MSG.  They want to bring lucha libre to many arenas across the country.

Next up was Hugo Savinovich.  He said on 9/15, you are going to get the real deal.  He compared it to getting the fake avocado and then trying the real thing.  He did some play by play in Spanish.  He asked everyone to close their eyes and think about the biggest stars in the business today.  He said he still asks Dorian how can they do what they do.  Lucha libre is the second greatest sport in Mexico next to soccer and they are going to not just invade NYC but invade the hearts of fans with the rudos and tecnicos.  He promised the greatest storylines and lucha stars and lighting you have ever seen.  When he promises it will be great, it will be grande.  He pushed the ticket sales on 5/5.  He told everyone to bring their mother in law to the show.  Bring everyone.  The United States and the world will never be the same.

Hugo introduced Dorian Rodan, the GM of AAA Worldwide.   He wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome to MSG.  He said it's wonderful to be in this legendary arena and thanked everyone at MSG for their hospitality.  He thanked the city of New York.  To be here in NYC and announce this on the most important wrestling weekend is one of the most important moments in the history of AAA since it was formed in 1992.  Lucha libre is part of Mexico's roots.  They want everyone to learn and know about their luchadores.  He thanked everyone for all the years of support and now it's a reality for AAA is coming to Madison Square Garden.  He said it's a special day and a game changer for AAA.  This is the kickoff for their strategy, running the most iconic venue in NYC.  He said they are building the show around the anniversary of Independence Day as part of a celebration for the fans.

September 21st will be national lucha day in Mexico with wrestlers being honored by the Mexican government.

They are going to start at MSG but they are going to bring their talents to other markets.  They hope to have an announcement on Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

Hugo and Dorian began bringing out the AAA stars - Konnan, Daga, Puma King, Aerostar, AAA Mega Champion Fenix, Drago, Taya, Tessa Blanchard, Blue Demon Jr., Pentagon Jr.

Blue Demon Jr. addressed the gathering in Spanish.  He invited to the show.
Taya then addressed the gathering.  She was so happy to be representing lucha libre in MSG.  She can't think of a better company or better wrestlers to be with and said, "Let's make history in September."

Pentagon Jr. spoke to the media in Spanish.  He asked everyone to put the masks on and led everyone in doing his No Fear catchphrase.

Hugo gave Konnan a big introduction, saying when he sees him in the ring, he just wants to strangle him because he's so bad but also praised his creative.  He talked about being here 24 years ago and that day, Antonio Pena said they'd be in MSG one day and now they are.  He said they are coming to MSG and it's going to be lit.  He said lucha is like no other entertainment you've ever seen.

They did a big group photo.

They opened up for a Q&A.

Hugo was asked if he was going to be managing.  He said he would only be doing color commentary.

They were asked if we are about to see a resurgence in AAA and see them outdraw WWE as they did in the 1990s in Los Angeles.  Dorian Rodan responded in Spanish, so I can't tell you what he said-  sorr

They were asked about whether their partners will be involved.  Dorian said they will have surprises and they will have announcements in future months.  There will be big names involved.

They were asked about further expansion.  Their focus is on America right now but they are looking at Europe and will be running Latin and Central America in the future.

The stars were asked if they are surprised about the popularity of lucha libre in the United States.    Konnan first joked that Hugo may or may not manage someone.  Pentagon said being here is fantastic but the real goal is for lucha libre and lucha stars to become huge in the United States.  Konnan said lucha reminds him of hip hop, which came out of NYC and then created all these genres and it went global.  He talked about lucha being seen in ECW and WCW and only Mexicans were luchadors but now like hip hop, you have different genre and styles of it with stars from all over the world.

They are having discussions about potentially streaming the show.  They will have announcements in the weeks to come.

Taya was asked how this event elevates women in AAA.  She said luchadoras have always been on the same platform with men and minis and she wants to represent luchadoras with the company that changed her life.  Tessa said she was happy to represent women's wrestling but Taya took her Impact title and she'll be happy to beat her and take the title back.  She may be Tully Blanchard's daughter but she's accomplished a lot on her own.

There is a possibility that Cain Velasquez may appear on the MSG show.

Hugo said they are here to invade all the hearts of the American people.

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