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 Posted: Thu Apr 4th, 2019 07:20 pm
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The AAF has/had an app with some fantasy football and gambling features that are said to be very innovative. With sports gambling now legal in many states and all states having the right to legalize it, not to mention the somewhat related way that daily fantasy sports have taken off, has led to speculation that the software and programming could be applied to other sports apps or as a standalone gambling app with the likelihood of being extremely profitable. MGM Grand Casinos had the app developed and licensed it to the AAF in order to see how things went with the public using it. Supposedly Tom Dundon, the Carolina Hurricanes owner whose investment firm concentrates on sports and entertainment, invested in the AAF as a savior investor when the thing was on the verge of closing about two weeks into the season because he wanted to get control of this app. Some reputable news sources have dismissed this as not the case, but the story is out there still and there are some reputable reporters looking into it.

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