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12/1/1962 Augusta ME
Jackie Nichols vs Count Alexis Bruga
Kathy O'Brien vs Mary Jane Mull

12/1/1962 Walpole MA
Frank Scarpa vs Boston Bruiser
Lucille Dupree vs Patsy O'Brien

12/4/1962 Bridgeport CT
Antonino Rocca beat Skull Murphy
Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice beat Pat Kennedy & Bob Boyer
Dory Dixon beat Gordo Chihuahua
Pedro Morales beat Frank Valois
Tony Manousos beat Angelo Savoldi
Killer Kowalski beat Gene Kelly
Bobo Brazil beat Tommy O'Toole

12/6/1962 New Britain CT
Antonino Rocca & Vittorio Apollo vs Karl von Hess & Skull Murphy

12/7/1962 New Haven CT
Arnold Skaaland vs Fred Atkins 
Pedro Morales vs Lou Albano 
Gordo Chihuahua & Karl Von Hess vs Jolly Cholly & The Hillbilly 
Tony Altimore vs Pat Kennedy 
Shohei Baba vs Skull Murphy 
Chris Tolos & John Tolos vs Dory Dixon & Edouard Carpentier 

12/8/1962 Augusta ME
Kathy O'Brien vs Mary Jane Mull

12/11/1962 Bridgeport, CT
Chris Tolos & John Tolos beat Fred Atkins & Jolly Cholly
Chris Tolos & John Tolos beat Pete Sanchez & Eugenio Marin
Angelo Savoldi beat Arnold Skaaland
Dory Dixon beat Tony Altimore
Shohei Baba beat Gene Kelly
Skull Murphy beat Frank Martinez

12/15/1962 Augusta ME
Jackie Nichols & Kathy O'Brien vs Count Alexis Bruga & Mary Jane Mull

12/18/1962 Bridgeport CT
Argentina Apollo & Dory Dixon DDQ Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice
Arnold Skaaland beat Lou Albano 
Pedro Morales beat Tommy O'Toole 
Dory Dixon beat Miguel Torres 
Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice beat Gene Kelly & Guy Taylor 
Argentina Apollo beat Gordo Chihuahua 

12/19/1962 Boston MA
Don Eagle beat Bill Miller
Ron Hill beat Black Secret
Ali Baba beat Johnny Cannon
Kit Fox beat Mighty Spartan
Lou LeCroix draw Cal West
Ricky Sexton beat Alexis Brugna
Yankee Panthers beat Black Panther & Alex Medina

12/26/1962 Bridgeport CT
Buddy Austin DDQ Argentina Apollo
Miguel Perez beat Lou Albano 
Jolly Cholly beat Gregory Jarque 
Pedro Morales beat Tony Altimore 
Arnold Skaaland beat Miguel Torres 
Tommy O'Toole beat Gene Kelly 
Pete Sanchez beat Buddy Rogers COR
Buddy Austin beat Pete Sanchez

12/26/1962 New Britain CT
Giant Baba vs Antonino Rocca
Hopalong Cassidy & Pancho Lopez vs Fuzzy Cupid & Bill the Kid
Dory Dixon va Angelo Savoldi
Gino Brito vs Fred Atkins
Bob Boyer vs Guy Taylor

12/28/1962 New Haven CT
Buddy Rogers Magnificent Maurice & Johnny Barend vs Dory Dixon Sailor Thomas & Miguel Perez

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