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 Posted: Mon Apr 8th, 2019 01:00 pm
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2/2/1950 Burlington VT
Bob Lortie vs Al Tucker
Ted Evans vs Green Hornet Jim Henry
Ray Lortie vs Jay Couture

2/10/1950 Burlington VT
Hassane Bey beat Bob Nelson
Ted Evans beat Al Tucker
Marius Marnier beat Willie Bourque

2/17/1950 Burlington VT
Al Tucker vs Hassan Bey
Bob Lortie vs Ted Evans

3/2/1950 Burlington VT
Bob Lortie beat Hassan Bey
Ted Evans beat Harry Stack

3/10/50 Burlington VT
Green Hornet Jim Henry vs Harry Strack
Jim Nelson vs Andy Moisis

3/18/1950 Burlington VT
Harry Streck vs Andy Moisis
Ray Lortie vs Sam Cortay

3/18/1950 Pittsfield MA
Red O'Dell & Mike Dillon beat Clyde Steeves & Roland Meeker
Jimmy Blood beat Bernard Pantizi
Les Ryan beat Fred Carone

3/31/1950 Burlington VT
Paul Lortie vs Ted Evans
Bob McNab vs Ray Couture

4/14/1950 Burlington VT
Bob Lortie vs Ted Evans
Andy Moisis vs Maurius Marnier

4/18/1950 Burlington VT
Henri Vermeersch vs Harry Madison
George Cagney vs Tony Kavlienko

4/21/1950 Burlington VT
Bob Lortie vs Ted Evans
Manuel Cortez vs Harry Streck

5/30/1950 Burlington VT
Gene Stanlee vs Manuel Cortez
Harry Madison vs Ray Gunkel

7/13/1950 Hull MA
Mae Young vs Ann LaVerne
Guy LaRose vs Miguel Torres
Chris Belkas vs Jimmy Beaton

9/22/1950 Burlington VT
Bobby Managoff vs Mike Mazurki

9/22/1950 Burlington VT
Bobby Managoff beat Willie Davis
Ovila Asselin beat Al Tucker
Johnny Barend draw Pierre LaSalle

9/29/1950 Burlington VT
Bobby Managoff vs Les Ryan
Harry Madison vs Ted Evans
John Louis Roy vs Jacques Trudeau

10/12/1950 Claremont NH
Nell Stewart vs Mars Bennett

10/19/1950 Burlington VT
Yukon Eric beat Mike Mazurki
Lucky Simunovich beat Les Ryan
Ted Evans draw Joe DiValto

10/26/1950 Burlington VT
Yvon Robert beat Lucky Simunovich
Larry Moquin beat Lee Henning DQ
Manuel Cortez vs Les Ryan

11/2/1950 Burlington VT
Lee Henning beat Larry Moquin
Manuel Cortez draw Lucky Simunovich
Ovila Asselin beat Les Ryan DQ

11/9/1950 Burlington VT
Manuel Cortez draw Ovila Asselin
Pierre LaSalle beat Les Ryan
Bobby Managoff vs Lee Henning

11/16/1950 Burlington MA
Lucky Simunovich beat Lee Henning
Pierre LaSalle beat Art LeGrand
Ted Evans draw Joe DiValto

11/30/1950 Burlington MA
Yvon Robert vs Lucky Simunovich
Manuel Cortez vs Pierre LaSalle
Ted Evans vs Jack Marshall

12/7/1950 Burlington VT
Yvon Robert vs Great Togo
Manuel Cortez vs Seelie Samara
Dick Shannon vs Joe Di Valto

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