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1/10/86 Lafayette, LA - Municipal Auditorium
Steve Williams and Ted DiBiase vs Dick Murdoch and Buzz Sawyer
Dick Slater (w/Dark Journey) vs Jake Roberts
Terry Taylor vs Rob Rechsteiner
Al Perez vs The Masked Superstar
Brett Sawyer vs Gustavo Mendoza
The Bruise Brothers vs Sean O'Reilly and Joe Malcom
Ricky Gibson vs JR Hogg

2/24/86 Lafayette, LA - Municipal Auditorium
--$10,000 Bunkhouse Battle Royal
Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Ted DiBiase and Steve Williams (ch) vs Dick Slater and The Masked Superstar
Jim Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer
Brett Sawyer and Tracy Smothers vs The Sheepherders
Terry Taylor vs Gustavo Mendoza
--plus 3 more..

3/27/86 Lafayette, LA - Municipal Auditorium
Jim Duggan vs Buzz Sawyer (I Quit)
Terry Taylor vs Dick Slater
Dave Peterson and Brett Wayne vs The Sheepherders
Sean O'Reilly and Steve Doll vs The Blade Runners
Koko Ware vs Taurus Bulba
Tracy Smothers vs Kortsia Korchenko
Perry Jackson vs Rick Steiner
Ricky Gibson vs Gustavo Mendoza