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 Posted: Tue Apr 9th, 2019 03:07 pm
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Superstar wrote: Am I surprised to read this? No. Like I said, in 2016 he was completely shot. As in, I could have done a better job and I sing like a wounded animal, or virtually any pop star without the autotune. When I listened to their concert on SiriusXM from the Whiskey, he sounded even worse than in 2016. My thought is that his voice isn't strong enough to project in an arena no matter what they do at the soundboard. So while I said to my wife in 2016 that I was glad to have seen them "Right here in Bridgeport", we both decided that night that we weren't going to see them again. It was a fun show but at the same time we knew that it was just going to go downhill from there. Funny thing, I stood in line right next to Bubba/Bully Ray and Velvet Sky for a half hour until they opened the doors. He is a big dude in person, and a huge KISS fan. It was her first KISS show, and she seemed more excited for it than him.
Spot on Superstar.  I think the last time Paul was even ok was when my daughter was 4 and she just turned 13.