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 Posted: Tue Apr 9th, 2019 02:56 pm
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This one? Yeah, I have it.

WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - November 22, 1982
Televised on the MSG Network and USA Network - featured Vince McMahon & Gorilla Monsoon on commentary:
Curt Hennig fought Eddie Gilbert to a 20-minute time-limit draw at 14:22 as Hennig had Gilbert covered following an elbow drop; prior to and after the bout, the two shook hands (Gilbert's MSG debut) (The Life and Times of Mr. Perfect)
SD Jones defeated Swede Hanson via disqualification at 9:20 after hanging Jones upside down in the corner and refusing to break for the referee; prior to the match, Nigerian promoter Power Mike was introduced to the crowd
WWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tiger Mask pinned Jose Estrada at 9:42
Little Beaver & Sonny Boy Hayes defeated Sky Low Low & Butch Cassidy in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0; fall #1: Beaver pinned Low Low at 4:43 after a press slam; fall #2: Beaver pinned Cassidy at 3:44 after a slingshot into Low Low
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund fought Superstar Billy Graham to a double disqualification at 10:14 when referee Danny Davis threw the match out after being knocked down by the participants, with both men brawling their way backstage moments thereafter; prior to the bout, Graham was accompanied to the ring by the Grand Wizard and Backlund by Arnold Skaaland (20 Years Too Soon: The Superstar Billy Graham Story)
Salvatore Bellomo defeated Mr. Fuji via disqualification at 7:11 when Fuji continued to assault Bellomo as Fuji was on the ring apron, despite the referee's order to break
WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales pinned Buddy Rose at 11:29 with a sunset flip into the ring as Rose charged the champion
Jimmy Snuka (w/ Buddy Rogers) defeated Capt. Lou Albano at 5:59 when referee Gilberto Roman stopped the match, deeming Albano was too bloody to continue; after the match, Snuka hit the top rope splash onto Albano
Ray Stevens (w/ Freddie Blassie) pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Chief Jay Strongbow at 1:02 with a piledriver; after the match, Strongbow was taken backstage on a stretcher
WWF Tag Team Champion Jules Strongbow pinned Charlie Fulton at 4:36 after several tomahawk chops
Rocky Johnson & Tony Garea defeated Riki Choshu & Mr. Saito in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 9:13, 2-1; fall #1: Garea pinned Saito at 4:33 with an abdominal stretch into a roll up; fall #2: Saito pinned Garea with a back suplex at 2:13; fall #3: Johnson pinned Choshu following two dropkicks at 2:32