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 Posted: Tue Apr 9th, 2019 08:05 pm
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It's been  few months since management screwed up....but of course that doesn't last long.

So back in January things were looking up at the hospital. My prior manager quit, which was great new since she was a cunt who played favorites. We knew a few nurses would leave after her since they would lose their priviledged status. We figured that was ok, since it would remove some of the problem children on the unit. Then a search began for a new manager, with one of Directors overseeing our floor during this time. It came down to a woman from The Univesity of Kansas Hospital, and an internal House Supervisor.

So concern grew that this supervisor would get the job. This person is 27, had only worked as a floor nurse for a few years, was generally seen as lazy and doesn't really have the respect of most in the hospital. The Woman from KU came off pretty well and it was thought that she would get it. A number of the staff of course threatened to quit if the House Supervisor was hired. Management though decided to call their bluff and chose her to take over a few weeks ago (although she won't transition to the job till the end of April) So right on cue...people started giving their notice immediately. In the last few weeks we've had 7 Rn's quit (6 on days 1 on nights) with another giving a longer notice that shell stay till June and then leave...and another interviewing this week for a position on another floor. 

To put this in perspective....for us to be fully staffed on Days at a minimum of 5 nurses per shift, you need 11 FT and 2 Weekend Spots filled on Days...and to have a minimum of 4 nurses at night you need 8 FT and 2 Weekend spots filled on nights.
Right now we're sitting on 7 FT  and 1 Weekend spot on days (with 2 possible RN's leaving) and at night they're in deeper shit...they're sitting at 6 FT and 2 Weekend with 1 leaving in June and another leaving for maternity leave in June also, but unlikely to return.

So they figured the solution would be to hire new staff.....problem is...they can't seem to recruit anyone. We only had 2 new nurses hired and 1 left last week, 3 weeks into his orientation. Of course he picked up how dire the situation was, and made a smart choice. 

Even if they could find replacements tomorrow, it usually takes 2 months to get them our of orientation (figure min 2 weeks to give at their old job, then 1 week of classroom/computer training then 4-6 weeks on the floor before they're on their own) So we won't have any viable replacments till at least somewhere in june if we're lucky...Probably more so July or August. They are so desparate now to get staff to pick up extra shifts, they offer $300 bonuses per shift, on top of the time and half pay for the 12 hrs which for some of the're looking close to 1k for the shift. They still can't get enough people to bite. 

Yesterday the Chief Nursing Officer asked me why things were going so wrong, and I told her that she hired a person that most people didn't want to work for....and now this is the resulting action. 

For now I'm biding my time to see how this all plays out. The benefit for me is that with all these people leaving, it leaves me running the floor almost every shift I work now, which as strange as it seems, is generally less stressful for me than taking a full patient load. However, I'm getting less surprised at how incompetent people who run this hospital seem to hire other incompetent people to run it for them.