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 Posted: Thu Apr 11th, 2019 02:54 am
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Went to one about 15 yrs ago at the Cow Palace. What I liked about it was when the stars were not scheduled to sign autographs they were walking around the floor looking at merchandise and talking to the fans.

Snuka and Race had long autograph lines.
Larry Zbyzsko wanted out to go golfing.
Sandman was drunk
Bockwinkle and Bastien were just standing behind a table and taking questions/photographs
Virgil was selling his autograph action figure for 40 bucks
Tonga Kid was shorter than I thought he would be.
Rock Riddle was giving his autograph to anyone who wanted it for free.
Christian would sneak up to kids in wheel chairs and ask if he can have his picture taken with them. Thought that was cool of him.
OMG , Slick, Smirnoff, Beefcake, and G. Valentine were also there. A few more were there that escapes my mine right now.

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