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 Posted: Thu Apr 11th, 2019 12:53 pm
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katook wrote: I went to the first one that Greg Price did back in '05, and it was really cool, got to meet up with a bunch of internet posters I only knew by screenname, and got to meet no less than 40 of the wrestlers.

Back then it was a novelty, and almost all of the wrestlers just hung out with the fans, took pictures and bullshitted with us, of course there were gimmick tables and special photo sessions where you could pay a fee and get an autographed photos, etc etc.

The only real assholes were Larry Zbyzsko who was a total dick to everybody, and Buddy Landell who got drunk and started something with a fans girlfriend, and the fan kicked his ass for it.

I have heard from guys who have attended later fests that many of the wrestlers are no longer mingling with the fans and only appearing at their designated times to sign things and/or take pictures, and many will not even pose with a fan unless you pay them even if they are not on stage, it's become a money racket instead of a fanfest appreciation type of thing, but then again if a guy can fleece the marks by demanding $25-50 dollars for a picture and an autograph and the mark is stupid enough to pay it, then as the saying goes, a fool and his money are easily parted.

Interesting hearing Larry not being nice.  Don't doubt it but the times I met him he was friendly  Just goes to show, catch someone on the wrong day.....
Also yes very accurate about the photos.  When I first started going to these events you could catch some of the guys in the bar or hotel lobby and get a freebie autograph or photo.  See less of that now.  I think the only wrestler who I truly thought was a jerk was (of course) Virgil.  LOL