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 Posted: Thu Apr 11th, 2019 03:29 pm
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First one from Rock Rims over at When It Was Big Time Wrestling.

Visalia, CA
Wilbur Snyder & Mario DeSouza
over Bud Curtis & Manuel Bogni (2-0)
1st fall won by Snyder and 2nd by DeSouza

Ray Stevens over Red Vagnonne (2-0)
1st fall Stevens win by DQ
2nd fall Stevens wins after a series of dropkicks

Gory Guerrero over Tom Renesto (2-1)
Renesto wins the first fall and Guerrero wins the last two.

This Hammond program with results listed is on EBay right now.

Hammond, IN
Ivan Koloff & Paul Christy over Dick the Bruiser & Spike Huber by DQ

Wilbur Snyder over Jose Pantera
Pepper Gomez over Jack Cougar
Girls match...Alice Cooper over Rita Fields
Bold Eagle over Bobby Vann

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