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 Posted: Thu Apr 11th, 2019 04:51 pm
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The Doc wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: I went to one when I was considering going into Wrestling. It was the NWA convention held in Cherry Hill and the head of the ECWA of the time was creeping me out, stalking me and such to join his school on Delaware.

Did you ever get to work in the ring?

I was at a WCW House show in Philly and during intermission, my friend Lyle ( was CZW Photographer) and myself were heading back towards our seats and a lady gave me her business card saying that she was a talent recruiter for ECW and to give Paul a call. So I did and I was invited to hang out at a couple of ECW shows in Philly and South Jersey. After having a meeting with Paul, Taz, Chris Chetti (who was the main trainer at the school in Long Island), I decided that I didn't want to leave my good paying job on a hope and a prayer. They wanted me to be Sandman's younger brother ( already had Blonde hair) and to gain a bit of a beer belly ( wouldn't have done). I would be at the shows and get TV time as I was training. They didn't offer me much money and that was the sticking point. They did send me to Pitbull #1 ( Anthony Durante) school in Hammonton NJ, which I did for 3 months. They wanted me to go to Long Island since I learned the "basics" for the angle and I could learn on the fly. I would eventually turn on Sandman and basically get my ass beat for several months after that.