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 Posted: Fri Apr 12th, 2019 12:51 am
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kargol wrote: srossi wrote:If that's a huge problem then maybe they need to teach guys how to work in WWE.  Indies don't do that and no other company ever has either, and unless there's a particular botch I've never noticed this as an issue.  Besides, there often IS an impact, and that's diminished by the directing.  The women were beating the shit out of each other last night and didn't need "help". 

The problem is the moves.  It's like when Undertaker was doing the tombstone piledriver in the 90s.  He'd protect his opponent so the focus of the filming was on the Undertaker's face, not on the gap between the opponent and the mat.
But in WCW, when Bigelow was using the sitting piledriver, the camerwork did not focus in, so it was obvious that the opponent was not being driven into the mat.

And then the other night when 'Taker "Tombstoned" Elias, they showed his whole body.