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 Posted: Mon Apr 15th, 2019 02:04 am
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I am a big fan of the Bryan and Vinny Show with Bryan Alvarez and Vincent Verhei through the WON/F4W site. They do the show three times per week, one show centers on World Championship Wrestling in chronological order (they're in the summer of 1988), one is for the Raw and Nitro from 19 years to the date before the given week, and one is for a combo of the current episode of NXT and WWF Superstars from mid 1992 plus they chat with Bryan's Granny about mundane stuff in her life plus Dancing With The Stars. The JCP show review gets bumped when the WWE has a PPV and they review that instead. The duo is also liable to sidetrack onto stories from their indy wrestling days, the weather, ripping on their producer, their families, idiot drivers or whatever.

There are plenty of wrestling podcasts. Apart from the content, the thing that makes it work for me is the chemistry. I forget how long Bryan and Dave Meltzer have been doing podcasts together, but they still seem like they've just been introduced. Bryan and Vinny are in their early 40s. They have known each other and been close friends since they were in high school. As a result the banter can be the most entertaining thing about the show. They speak like friends rather than co-hosts or work colleagues.