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I watched a Power Pro Wrestling from March of 1986.

Jim Ross hosted from the studio.

- Kortsia Korchenko won a prelim squash over Perry Jackson at a house show from The Myriad in Oklahoma City. Eddie Gilbert managed the giant Soviet wrestler.

- A Road Warriors sub one minute squash win from JCP's World Wide Wrestling, with Tony Schiavone and David Crockett on commentary, aired because the upcoming Crockett Cup was in New Orleans and, I believe, the LOD were going to make some other Mid-South/UWF shots.

- Next is Koko B Ware vs. Rick Steiner at the OKC house show. Rick was still Rob Rechsteiner at the time. Joel Watts did post produced commentary for the OKC matches.

- Now we have the Blade Runners vs. Brett Sawyer and Sean O'Reilly from OKC. Sting and the future Ultimate Warrior are absolutely gassed up beyond belief and green as gas. You'd never guess they'd be such huge stars two years later. In an amazing and only slightly ironic line, Joel Watts referred to Helwig as "deranged" and said "it could be due to the steroid effect". In the studio, Jim Ross called them "not very polished". That was an understatement.

- From the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, it's Chavo Guerrero vs. Steve Keirn in a loser gets painted yellow match. The Fabulous Ones worked heel in Houston during early 1986 against Chavo and Hector. I don't know where Hector and Stan Lane were on this particular evening. Peter Birkholz was the announcer. This was an energetic match. Chavo won. While he was getting the paint, Steve grabbed brass knuckles to KO Chavo and then referee Tommy Gilbert. Steve went for the paint, but Chavo recovered to get the paint. Then Stan Lane ran in. He was there after all. The Fabs double teamed Chavo and then dumped the entire paint can on him. The heat for the post match stuff was incredible. Fans today would be angry over the stip not getting fulfilled, but the fans in Houston were just concerned about Chavo and really hated the Fabs. Jim Ross told us that next week (not available on WWE Network) we'd get the Guerreros vs. The Fabulous Ones in a cage match from Houston.

- Next up is the famous angle from early 1984 after the Midnight Express won the Mid-South Tag Team Title from Mr. Wrestling II and Magnum TA. Cornette, Eaton, and Condrey had a party with a cake. Then the Rock & Roll Express ran in to shove Cornette's face into the cake. Morton and Gibson got the jump on Cornette while he was cutting the cake because he'd sent Bobby and Dennis over to taunt the fans. All the wrestlers, Cornette, Jim Ross, and Bill Watts sold all of this like a million bucks.

- Jim Ross closed the show and promised Fabs vs. Guerreros in a cage, more Korchenko, and a Blade Runners music video for next week and in two weeks Midnight Express vs. Rock & Roll Express. I don't know if those teams did some shots in Mid-South around then, if it was an old match from 1984 or if it was something from JCP.

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