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 Posted: Mon Apr 15th, 2019 04:42 pm
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at ME !!!!!

OK fans, Nice photo of me and Booker T happier days. There is a link below that you MUST click on and read to get Booker T's take on me suggesting Kofi do a few roids. Thanks to my man Mike for sending this link so you fans can make your call on this ever spinning out of control steroid situation.

First off, I want it known that I think the world of Booker T, super guy and one hell of a worker and legit bad ass from the streets of Houston, Texas, where Booker saw me work and on TV in the Houston area in the mid 70's. In this video we see and hear him passionately defending his friend Kofi from my foolish suggestion to use a little juice to get some size on him since he is the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World. An innocent suggestion on my part, meaning no harm to Kofi. Booker T says first that the WWE has a Wellness Policy that forbids such things, unless you are a part time employee like BROCK LESNAR or an EXECUTIVE like HHH. Booker T continues and has a stack of papers for reference of my past health issues directly linked to my steroid abuse. These documents Booker is reading from are NOT my official Mayo Clinic Hospital records, which he cannot get, only me the patient can get the Mayo to release my documents and treatments by signing my name with ID to a release form. Know your song well before you start singing brother Booker. You mentioned with disgust in your voice that I was in the hospital with pneumonia because of my steroid abuse. Booker brother, pneumonia is commonly acquired by bacterial exposure from people coughing or sneezing on you, plus grabbing dirty self-serve gas pump handles for example. It is a bacteria, NOT acquired by using steroids sir. Over 1 million adults in the US are hospitalized and 60,000 people die each year from pneumonia. That is just one example of the mistakes you made by discussing my health issues without reading my Mayo Clinic records. One other major mistake you made my brother was linking my blown out liver to steroid use. I had to have a liver transplant in 2002 because I had contracted Hepatitis C. How did I contract Hep-C ? Well, by cutting my head open with a razor blade and then by one of my many opponents cutting his head open with a blade and then we began the process of co-mingling of our blood while the match continued. I am very happy that you are so protective of Kofi, he can use a good role model like you my brother. Hell, I can promise you that Kofi has no idea of who I was in pro wrestling and my contribution to the business. I will not utter another word about Kofi Kingston or his career. He is none of my business and I wish him a healthy and prosperous run with his newly won WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Title. S.B.G.

"22 years of my fucking life just got fucking ruined!!!!"---Fan outside Wrestlemania XXX

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