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 Posted: Mon Apr 15th, 2019 11:26 pm
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I had heard about this masterpiece but had never seen it. Another great time capsule of kayfabe. This along with The Wrestler and I Like to Hurt People all came out around the same time.

I had originally thought it was some corny story about an up and coming lady wrestler but it was the opposite. It was done documentary style. Vivian Vachon had so much charisma.. Maria Laverne as well. A big who's who of wrestlers of the day including Maurice and Paul Vachon. Blackjack Mulligan, Jean Ferre, Killer Kowalski, Bill Watts, Danny Hodge and tons more. They showed huge chunks of matches including a really good one between Ferre and Kowalski. Vivian had two matches that were almost complete against Kay Noble and Maria Laverne. Both were fantastic.

It was very chilling when they interviewed Grizzly Smith. He really had an evil vibe to him. They spent alot of time interviewing Southern rasslin' fans of the early 70's and it was everything you would expect it to be. Instead of watching Pornhub for an hour watch this. You won't be disappointed.

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