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Bob Roop claimed that Ron Fuller was undercounting gate receipts by skimming off cash before paying the wrestlers their percentages. He, Orton, Garvin, Malenko, and Ron Wright banded together. I can't remember if they protested to Ron Fuller and were rebuffed or if they decided to walk out wholesale. Dick Slater was to have been part of the breakaway, but stayed with the NWA affiliated promotion.

This wrestling war during the second half of 1979 was especially bitter by the standards of such things. There was a story of the Fuller promotion having its guys play in a charity softball game with other local celebs, only for the breakaways to show up and start heckling them, attempting to instigate a fight. Wrestlers on both sides armed themselves. Some wrestling wars spike business. This one killed it. Between the breakaways to All Star Wrestling making grandstand challenges that the Southeastern promotion ignored to fans being unhappy that all their favorites were spread across two promotions and couldn’t wrestle each other to the insider comments mainly from All Star Wrestling confusing people, fans stayed home.

Fuller eventually walked away from Knoxville to concentrate on his Alabama promotion with Georgia running Knoxville as an outpost of sorts for a while. The All Star Wrestling group more or less gave up on Knoxville where it had bad TV and arena situations. Roop, Garvin, and Orton went to the Poffo ICW in Kentucky while Ron Wright more or less retired and Boris Malenko wound up running a new outlaw in Florida. After Georgia quit running Knoxville as a standalone promotion, it left it to JCP to try to arrange a new territory which failed in a year. JCP ran its own cards there and Fuller finally came back in 1985.

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