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 Posted: Wed Apr 17th, 2019 07:02 pm
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Franchise wrote: It’s belts and then the stripes are levels within the belt. The stripes are a combination of time served and accomplishment.

The belts are White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, Coral, Coral with white and then Red.

I’m currently a white belt with 2 stripes

The assistant instructor is a black belt and our main instructor is a black belt with 4 stripes. Rilion is Coral belt with 7 stripes I believe. Once you get to Black the stripes stay to Coral it’s not like he striped out at black belt and then earned 7 stripes at Coral.

The stripes are literally a piece of athletic tape they place on the different colored patch on your belt.
Very cool. Thanks for the education. It's amazing that a Gracie isn't at the highest level. Congratulations on your achievements so far. Keep at it as long as you're enjoying it.

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