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 Posted: Wed Apr 17th, 2019 07:42 pm
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Kriss wrote: I loved what little I saw of Uhaa Nation before he signed with WWE. He was awesome as this huge guy flying around with the rest of the Dragon Gate roster. Then he he got to WWE and even on NXT Triple H told him that he was a big guy who should be using power moves. What NXT did do was give him a great introduction and told his story, making him into a huge baby face. Vince saw him and his muscles reminded him of a young Tony Atlas, and he signed him to the main roster before the cum had dried in his sock. They took his uniqueness away, promoted him before he'd had a chance to shine in NXT (it looked like he was going to defeat Balor for the title at one point), and now he's just another guy.
I never saw him as a big guy.  He comes across like he's 5'6".  He's got a bit of a barrel chest and maybe in 2019 that's enough to be considered "big" by default, but it's insane that they won't just let him do what he does.  And the last person he should've been paired with is Titus O'Neal if they wanted him to come across as a big guy, because Titus is one of the few legit big guys left in the company, and they don't do anything with him either. But Apollo looked like Hornswoggle standing next to him.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.