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 Posted: Thu Apr 18th, 2019 01:59 pm
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02/11/79 Galveston TX
Bull Curry beat Eddie Sullivan
Mark Lewin beat Jose Lothario DQ
Tiger Conway Jr beat Bill White
Tiger Conway Sr beat Dale Valentine
Mike The Big Un beat Santanas II

08/03/79 Houston TX
Jose Lothario beat Gino Hernandez- Bull Curry referee
Bruiser Brody beat Mark Lewin
Tor Kamata beat Tom Jones
Mike the Big Un drew Tim Brooks
The Spoiler beat Frank Dusek
Tiger Conway Jr beat El Gran Marcus
Len Denton draw Bull Ramos

08/05/79 Dallas TX
El Halcon beat The Spoiler-Bull Curry referee
Bruiser Brody & Kerry Von Erich draw Tim Brooks & Mark Lewin
The Destroyer draw Tom Jones
Frank Dusek beat Tor Kamata DQ
Princess Little Heart beat Leilani Kai
Bull Ramos draw Pepper Gomez

08/06/79 Fort Worth TX
Bruiser Brody DCOR The Spoiler-Bull Curry referee
David Von Erich beat Mark Lewin
Princess Little Heart & Bob Marcus beat Leilani Kai & Bull Ramos
Kerry Von Erich beat Frank Dusek
El Halcon beat Tor Kamata
Tom Jones beat Mark Beaty

08/22/79 Lisbon OH
Bull Curry & Fred Curry vs Jerry Graham & Bobby Fulton
Tony Viccaro vs Chief Red Eagle
Malcolm Monroe vs The Crusader

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