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 Posted: Fri Apr 19th, 2019 03:29 pm
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nyhack56 wrote: tamalie wrote: Those episodes of Mid-South from late 1984 and early 1985 were when the promotion was at its hottest, with lots of excellent action and hot angles. 
Just some thoughts as I am watching that summer/fall of 1984 (June-September so far):

They BURY the JYD every week because he left for the WWF.

They show clips of him getting beat down, then cut away before he makes a comeback lol.  Watts makes some statement that he broke down mentally and couldn't handle it, so he went to NY for easier competition.

They also parade in a host of black wrestlers to try to take his place.  Brickhouse Brown, Sonny King, George Wels, The PYTs.  Apparently, Wells "turned down" $5000 to wrestle at MSG and came to Mid South. :)

A "blink and you miss it" appearance of Wendi Richter as a heel right before she left for the WWF.

Buddy Landell gets the shit kicked out of him every week.  Lost 4 straight matches vs Brickhouse Brown in 3 weeks, then get tarred and feathered.  Underrated chickenshit heel who takes a pretty good beating.

Cornette gets his head shaved by every face in the locker room.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan is about as over as any wrestler I've ever seen.

The Fantastics are about as over as any tag team I've ever seen.

Dr. Death's nice heel turn on Terry Taylor and tagging with Hercules Hernandez.  Also Herc being built up as a monster crushing guys in handicap matches.

If results can be believed, Wendi worked AWA and Mid South shots while in the middle of her WWF run, only weeks before the MTV title win. 
Pretty neat drop this week with a Leroy McGuirk studio wrasslin' show from 1978.- McGuirk is dull and needs his announcing partner to feed him names and such as they discuss angles.  Bill Watts comes in a few minutes later to replace McGuirk and covers for his bland and uninspired promoting by saying something like "Men of Leroy's generation were masters of hiding their emotions".  I thought it was a great spin. 

- Paul Orndorff works a rookie Bill Irwin.  Irwin is the exact type of semi-star that gets my juices flowing. The men shake hands to start, but Irwin gets a cheap forearm in on a rope break to establish a heelish persona.- 

Ray Candy works next, far less fat than I am accustomed to. He and Orndorff both used takedowns and grappling on the mat, as if this is some sort of sport or something.  

- We get a fine assortment of geeks and freaks as THE MONGOL, The CHALLENGER and The BRUTE eat up TV time.  Plus Jose Lothario!

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