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The women wrestlers were generally used as attractions that the territories booked for a trip around the loop and then not again for many months. The midgets were the same way. So Wendi Richter was working in several territories in 1984 before the big MTV match with Fabulous Moolah.

Despite the wrestling mags trying to make this feud about Richter and Moolah, the reality is this was Cyndi Lauper vs. Captain Lou Albano with the women wrestlers as proxies. The WWF did a lot by the seat of its pants in that expansion era and I wonder if the decision to use Richter came a bit late in the game.

The angle started at the 4/17/84 taping in Allentown with Piper's Pit segments getting taped the Albano taking false credit for Lauper's success in segments that aired the weekends of 4/28/84 and 5/12/84. Tying into the theory of not planning out the booking very well, Richter worked a matches at that taping as a heel.

At the 5/8/84 taping in Allentown, there were more Piper's Pits with Albano taking credit for Lauper being a big star with David Wolff, Lauper's boyfriend, producer, and manager, claiming Albano was a liar and promising to bring Lauper to confront him. These segments aired the weekends of 5/19/84, 5/26/84, and 6/2/84.

At the 5/29/84 taping in Allentown, there were Piper's Pit segments furthering the angle with Lauper appearing in person on the final two with airing dates of 6/9/84, 6/16/84, and 6/23/84. It should be noted that Wendi Richter at this point hadn't been mentioned at all on WWF TV in relation to the Albano vs. Lauper feud. She finally came into the mix at the last ever Allentown taping on 6/19/84 with it being announced on Piper's Pit segments that aired 6/30/84, 7/7/84, and 7/14/84 that Richter vs. Moolah was happening with neither the managers or ladies appearing live with Piper introducing pretaped segments instead. The big MSG match on MTV was 7/23/84. The crazy thing is that Richter worked Mid-South dates during June including a TV taping on 6/20/84, losing to Velvet McIntyre, and a house show as late as 6/24/84. I am really surprised Moolah didn't send someone else in with McIntyre, Princess Victoria, and Peggy Lee for those dates.

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