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 Posted: Mon Apr 22nd, 2019 02:57 pm
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srossi wrote: KGB wrote: There's something slightly off about this guy, although I'm not sure what it is. 

I haven't even seen a second of these games yet (I hope I can find them on YouTube or something) but the fact that there's "something slightly off about this guy" would be my default assumption about anyone like this.  I'm sure he's on the autism spectrum or something similar. 
I'm a regular Jeopardy! watcher and have seen most of his games. He has a background as a professional gambler. So he probably has a stock "cheesy smiling face" and is accustomed to not showing his real emotions. When he starts playing Jeopardy he goes into a game mode and nothing (so far) distracts him. He's also very quick to call out the next question and I don't think there have been any un-used clues in any round he's played.
He has shown quite a bit of personality and isn't exactly robotic. He rang in on a clue about Pearl Jam and crooned "Better Maaaaaaan". His Daily Double and Final Jeopardy wagers are usually random numbers or someone's birthday, which explains why he has such odd numbered scores in each game. While Final Jeopardy wagers vary to the single dollar amount but, traditionally, Jeopardy contestant wager only even numbers for Daily Doubles.

Someone dug deep and found that he was on the 2014 ABC game show "The Chase" and did well.
Another article speculates that Holzhaeur's per episode payout might actually be more than Alex Trebek's.