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 Posted: Wed Apr 24th, 2019 08:56 am
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04/02/34 Battle Creek MI
Bull Curry beat George Dusette
Pascual Castillo beat Charlie Carr DQ
Mephisto beat Tony Papalino
Pete Pancroft beat Ken Barnard

06/11/34 Battle Creek MI
Bull Curry beat Ralph Garibaldi (St Louis MO)
Bobby Chick beat Elmer Guthrie
Frank Clemons draw Black Panther

08/21/34 Pittsfield MA
Bull Curry draw Al Staples
Pat Schaeffer beat Tony Papalino
Red Reilly beat Jose Dominguez
Young Londos beat Diamond Silver
Rudy Cavasale beat Bill Hinckley

10/29/34 Battle Creek MI
Bull Curry vs Bunnie Martin
Yaqui Joe vs Dale Haddock
Dickie Gerber vs Ted Carter

11/12/34 Battle Creek MI
Bull Curry draw Walter Roxy
Lefty Pacer beat Jack Bad Boy Brown
Dickie Gerber draw Frank Novak

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