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 Posted: Fri Apr 26th, 2019 07:16 pm
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Superstar wrote: Papa Voo wrote: Raiders taking Greedy Williams would move their draft to another level.If you aren't hung up on Farrell being drafted too high, just looking at talent, the Raiders have really had a great draft thus far.  And if they get Greedy Williams - who in my opinion is the best CB and if this draft wasn't so deep in CB would've been gone in the teens - it could potentially go down as the best Raiders draft of all time.  I remember having three first round picks in the '80s and I believe we drafted Tim Brown, Scott Davis, and Terry McDaniel.  All three were studs, except Davis had an empty head.  Brown is a HOFer and McDaniel played at a very high Pro Bowl level for ten years.  Let's just hope we get the mileage out of these picks that those Raiders did.
I don't think Ferrell is going to be a bust just bad value. The one player the Raiders drafted who I think will be a bust is Jacobs. He may be the best running back available but its a bad lot of running backs to chose from.
I am on the fence on Greedy Williams. He could be the next Deion Sanders or the next Bruce Pickens.

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