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 Posted: Fri Apr 26th, 2019 08:25 pm
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Kriss wrote: So, back in the day, the drafts happened on one night, and they were pretty much permanent until the next draft, and there was some build-up and some consequences. I quite enjoyed the trade angle between Bischoff and Stephanie in 2002 as well.

Today, shit just happens for no reason. The B-Team were moved to SD yesterday. No angle, or even an announcement, just their profile changing on the website. No wonder the fans are giving up, they lasted a lot longer than Vince's ability to create compelling wrestling.

They should treat it like the territories used to.  No draft, just let them circulate.  Change it up 2 times a year, after WM and after SummerSlam, but don't announce it.  Keep them off TV for a couple weeks when they're winding down on 1 brand, build them up as coming in on the other.  You don't have to do it with the whole roster, but you have 3 brands that you could rotate a 1/3 of each roster through if done properly.
Guys that get stuck in the mid card can go to NXT for 6 months and redevelop themselves.
You can get different PPV matchups every few months to keep things from getting stale.