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 Posted: Tue Apr 30th, 2019 01:14 pm
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My crazy boss took a disturbing turn last night. She asked several of us what we thought of Hitler.

When her and I talked it out, she said she was surprised I knew he boosted the German economy as most do not realize that. She then said "The Jews caused the war. Hitler did not want to go to war at all. The Jews chose to boycott German business, so Hitler was forced to retaliate to save Germany."

I told her Germany had massive WW1 reparations that dragged them into their slump far more than any boycott by the Jews.

She went on to tell me "Not all Jews are bad. The Zionists are the bad ones."

She also acted surprised when I told her the Russians beat the Germans more so than America. I did not follow up on her surprise because I was already weary from this conversation.

She told me she is watching an 18 part Hitler documentary which is giving her new insight. She said they are cited sources, so it isn't BS. (I wanted to scream about how things are spun, but again, I just wanted the conversation over.