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 Posted: Thu May 2nd, 2019 08:55 am
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05/01/37 Jersey City NJ
Frank Sexton beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
Jesse James beat Jim Austeri
Mystery Man beat Sammy Cohen

05/05/37 Brooklyn NY
Jesse James beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
Frank Sexton beat Ede Virag
Gino Martinelli beat Steve Passas
Walter Percy beat Henry Kulkovich
Benny Katz beat Tony Papalino
Billy Raburn beat Jim Austeri

05/08/37 Jersey City NJ
Walter Percy beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
Frank Sexton beat Mystery Man (Whitey Gorvo)
Steve Banaski beat Jesse James
Jim Austeri beat Ede Virag
Henry Kulkovich draw Sammy Cohen
Tony Papalino draw Billy Raburn

05/12/37 Lexington KY
Blue Sun Jennings beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry) DQ
Dutch Hefner beat Paul Shikat
Eddie Malone draw Jose Rodriquez

05/14/37 Akron OH
Bull Curry draw George Red Ryan (George O’Malley, Philadelphia PA)
Great Mephisto beat Billy Weidner
Sun Jennings beat Andy Rasher
Hans Schnabel beat Boxcar Jacobs

05/17/37 Mansfield OH
Bull Curry draw Jack Vincent
Dutch Heffner beat Paul Shikat
King Kong beat Jack Warner

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