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 Posted: Thu May 2nd, 2019 05:39 pm
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Franchise wrote: Use Lio or don’t but to not use him because he didn’t want to carry someone’s ice chest seems ridiculous. I know I’m not in the business and I don’t know the rules but at the end of the day it is a business and in 2019 people are going to do what they want and if they do something out of line than discipline them but to discipline someone over a unwritten rule seems dumb even if Cena, Orton and every other big star on the roster complied previously. People used to be expected to work hurt but not on 2019 so why hold onto this rite of passage?The WWE locker room treats itself like it's a sport.  In baseball, the rookies do things for the veterans until they are accepted.  In football, same thing.  In fact, in a lot of cases the offensive linemen do things for the quarterback and the quarterback pays it back by hosting a big dinner the Friday before the games.  So if you go on an overseas tour and it's understood that the rookies carry the cooler, and bring water, etc. it's simply about showing respect to those that were there before you.  And the next tour?  It's somebody elses responsibility.  When you hear that a guy like Spud, who wrestled in TNA for like five years, coming in and paying his dues just like any other rookie, there's no way you can side with Lio Rush here.  He sounds like an arrogant, egotistical prick.  Just like the character he plays so well on TV.  As Rock and Austin have said, the best characters are the ones that are close to how you are in real life, just amped up.  Lio Rush has the perfect character for himself.  When somebody as respected in the back as Mark Henry - a man who has gone to bat for Rush multiple times - says that he needs to change his ways, then he needs to change his ways or else he'll be gone.  And there's no way he can act the way he does anyplace other than a small indy show. 

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