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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2019 01:55 pm
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Finally saw this last night and managed to stay completely spoiler-free.  I thought Infinity War was perfect and this was a notch below that. 

Infinity War integrated everyone better, whereas Endgame was very much an Iron Man/Captain America movie - with a ridiculously large part also set aside for Ant-Man for some bizarre reason.  Who knew the last Ant-Man movie, which I doubt many people saw in comparison to the others, would basically be the driving force for the conclusion of this entire 10-year saga.

It was an interesting choice to make this a time travel movie, and it was well done but we've seen so many time travel movies before.  They didn't have to do it this way, I suppose they could've just had Thanos not destroy the stones and the remaining Avengers get it back somehow and bring everyone back for the final battle.  It ended up accomplishing the same purpose with some nice call-backs to previous movies.

The final battle was awesome, everything the Battle of Winterfell should have been if GOT didn't drop the ball into a dark, unseeable pit of shit.  The pop in the theater when each hero came back through Dr. Strange's portal was the most amazing thing I've ever heard at a movie.  An explosion for Black Panther, then Spider-Man, then Star-Lord, etc. ending in a crescendo when Cap finally utters the line "Avengers Assemble!".  Biggest pop I've ever heard at a movie.

Great, but unexpected ending to kill Iron Man.  As the biggest star of the franchise, and given his character arc over the past decade, it makes sense he was the one to selflessly kill himself to do the final snap.  People were sobbing.  Captain America then got the perfect ending he deserved, 50 years living his life with Peggy to come back to the present as an old man.  No other character really got the same type of send-off, either because of future sequels or there was just too much going on to care about everyone else. 

Speaking of which, way too much comedy with Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy.  There's always going to be some goofiness in Marvel movies, especially Guardians, but there also needs to come a time when it gets serious.  They were the comic relief in a movie that had lots of other drama, and that short-changed their own arcs.  I loved the Guardians franchise and the whole romance between Star-Lord and Gamora turns into a nut shot joke?  Seriously?  Have the comedy bit but then let them have their dramatic moment too.  I suppose them rediscovering their love for each other now that past Gamora is back with no memory of the last few years will be a major plot point for the next Guardians movie, but they could've had a 30-second serious scene at some point in this 3 hour movie.

I HATE this Spider-Man and the way he's portrayed in all of these Infinity movies.  Just wanted to say that again.

Not sure what's going on with the TV show, but as someone who has invested years in Agents of SHIELD, and that is hard to do because the show is sometimes decent but sometimes awful, I would've liked to have seen Coulson involved again somehow.  I think they were trapped in space when the events of Infinity Wars took place and they've always been the red-headed stepchild of the franchise, but throw the fans a bone and get Coulson one line of dialogue.  The SHIELD/Hydra swerve, explored on the show in depth, was a major plot point of this movie in recovering one of the stones, so I wish they could've found a way to integrate these guys to make it feel like a fuller universe.  I'm not expecting them to involve Daredevil and Jessica Jones, even though a nod would be nice (not sure of the political sensitivities now given the Netflix/Disney platform situation), but SHIELD has always been much more directly involved in the MCU.  Nick Fury just standing around at the end of each movie is not SHIELD involvement.  I wonder how much Samuel L. Jackson got paid to literally not say anything?

Anyway, Infinity War was a 10/10 and Endgame was an 8.5/10.  This was an epic adventure that will likely never be duplicated in our lifetime.  I know it's a cash cow that will be driven into the ground and ruined with reboots and pointless sequels in the coming years and decades and our grandkids will be watching Will Smith's grandkids playing Captain America eventually, but if they ended the entire MCU now I'd be happy.  It was a great ride.  

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