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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2019 02:02 pm
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carpetbeggar wrote: For what it is worth, Eric Simms (wrestling agent most known as the Iron Sheik's agent for a lot of years) posted this on FB a couple hours ago:

"The word going around is wwe offered lio rush 300,000 for for 5 years. Thats 60k per year. After deducting expenses and taxes from that he would be making 20- 25k a year. I dont blame him for turning that down. He would make more working at mcdonalds for $15hr. Or any job make $15 or more an hour"

This is typical of what these underneath guys make and why so many want to leave.  Anyone can have a 9-5 desk job and make much more, and never leave home, never pay out-of-pocket for expenses, etc.  Unless you absolutely love the business, the travel, the spotlight, etc. it's insane to work for WWE unless you have a very strong belief in yourself that you can become, if not the next John Cena, at least the next Seth Rollins or someone like that who will legit come close to clearing $1 million.  And even THEN, is it worth it for what a guy in Rollins's spot has to put up with scheduling-wise?  And how many guys will ever even get a legit shot at that spot?  Almost none.  Certainly not a guy the size of Lio Rush. 

WWE has created a system where the best thing you can do is stay off the road collecting your downside guarantee for doing nothing and not have to put up with all the other nonsense.  Is that really the environment they want to foster?  Since removing PPV bonuses and with most guys getting dick in merch, there's little upside to being on the road killing your body so you can make a little more money to spend a lot more money in meals, car rentals, etc.      

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