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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2019 04:59 pm
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Kriss wrote: The difference in production time for the TV series and movies caused them to make the decision that they would not try and tie in Agents of SHIELD with the movie timelines, and just let them be their own things. Coulson made a decision not to let the Avengers know he was alive again, and it's mentioned in one of the episodes when he tells Sif not to tell Thor and the others anything about him. He had a decent role in Captain Marvel, so that should make Coulson fans (except you) happy enough. Not only were the Agents of SHIELD in space during the snap, they were also far into the future, but I really wouldn't try too hard to connect the series to the movies.

I didn't see Captain Marvel yet but now I want to only because of Coulson.  I had no idea he was in it. 

There was more than just Samuel Jackson making 5 second cameos at the end. Among others were Maria Hill, General Ross and the boy from Iron Man 3. Natalie Portman fot a credit, even though the footage of her in Endgame was unused footage from Thor 2. She recorded one line of dialogue that was barely audible to satisfy union rules that she could be paid for the movie and get a credit.

I saw the credits for Natalie Portman and Colbie Smulders but didn't see them in the movie.  I just completely missed it.  They even brought back the fat Asian kid who's Spider-Man's best friend for a non-speaking role.  Peter Parker just hugs him during the wrap-up music.  Michelle Pfieffer and Angela Bassett are two huge names who were seen but I'm not sure heard, but they got prominent credits.  Maybe they had one line each, but I don't know about that.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.