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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2019 05:18 pm
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Saw it opening day. Thought it was it was a great end of the Infinity story. Well worth all the hype.

Only death that shocked me was Black widow. Since Scarlett Johansson is filming a Black Widow movie for next year.

Read that it was Hemsworth idea for Thor. He wanted take Thor another way instead of the same old same old.

Spiderman Far from Home is the last movie in Phase Three. Taking place a few weeks from Endgame.

Going to be interesting where they go from here and who will be the new Big Baddie going forward.

With Black Widow movie being the first movie in Phase Four going to be interesting how a movie timeline which I am sure will take place before Iron Man makes a connection with the New phase.

I would not be shocked if Widow comes back from the dead. Since Capt brought back the soul stone.

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