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 Posted: Sun May 5th, 2019 08:55 am
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1/5/1967 Boston MA
Mary Jane Mull beat Lucille Dupree
Louis Valenzuela draw Flying Frenchman Malcom Cormier
Chris Belkas beat Billy Graham
Haystack Muldoon beat Garma Singh & Jim Beaton

1/10/1967 Bridgeport CT
Bruno Sammartino beat Luke Graham
Spiros Arion beat Baron Mikel Scicluna
Tank Morgan & Bull Ortega beat Antonio Pugliese & Ricky Sexton
Angelo Savoldi beat Frank Hickey
Arman Hussein beat Angelo Savoldi

1/12/1967 Boston MA
Lucille Dupree beat Mary Jane Mull
Haystack Muldoon draw Terry Garvin
Ronnie Garvin vs Chris Belkas
Pat Sullivan vs Garma Singh

1/13/1967 New Haven CT
Tank Morgan vs Spiros Arion
Gorilla Monsoon & Tony Nero vs Argentina Apollo & Miguel Perez
Angelo Savoldi vs Ricky Sexton
Arnold Skaaland vs Pete Sanchez

1/19/1967 Boston MA
Haystack Muldoon beat Terry Garvin DQ
Johnny Rougeau beat Ronnie Garvin
Chris Belkas beat Garma Singh
Paul Shusas draw Jim Beaton

1/23/1967 Merrimack NH
Bruno Sammartino vs Tank Morgan
Fabulous Moolah vs Donna Christanello
Luke Graham vs Antonio Pugliese
Johnny Rodz vs Pete Sanchez

1/24/1967 Portland ME
Pete Sanchez vs Angelo Savoldi
Ricky Sexton vs Johnny Rodz
Fabulous Moolah vs Brenda Scott
Tank Morgan vs Antonio Pugliese
Bruno Sammartino vs Luke Graham

1/26/1967 Boston MA
Haystack Muldoon & Chris Belkas beat Terry Garvin & Ronnie Garvin
Paul Shusas draw Garma Singh
Sweet Daddy Watts beat Louis Valenzuela
Johnny Ringo beat Pat Sullivan DQ

1/28/1967 Old Saybrook CT
Gorilla Monsoon vs Arnold Skaaland
Spiros Arion vs Luke Graham
Bull Ortega & Arman Hussein vs Tony Nero & Angelo Savoldi
Miguel Perez vs Tank Morgan

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