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 Posted: Sun May 5th, 2019 04:41 pm
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srossi wrote: Kriss wrote: srossi wrote: The Ultimate Sin wrote: Franchise wrote:

I’m not a hard ass; I think the government and we as people should help others less fortunate but I think a 90% tax on the rich is crazy. 

You do realize it's not a 90% tax on the rich, right?  It's 90% on the amount over the 10 Million Dollar cap.  If I make 10M my tax doesn't change.  If I make $10,000,001  I pay 90% on the extra dollar.

And if you make $20 million you pay 90% on $10 million and that's crazy.  The government isn't giving that money to the poor, they're spending it on all the things liberals hate anyway, namely the military (where even half of that gets "lost") and to overpay private contractors.  So I don't understand your point.  It's redistribution of wealth from the very rich and competent to the very rich and incompetent.  

The system is broken when you are crying for people who earn $20M a year. 

The system is broken when worthless people think they deserve what others have for no reason except they want it. 

You also wisely chose not to address my main point, which is that poor people never see tax dollars anyway. You just would prefer to flush money down the toilet so that “rich people” don’t have it, but the idea of poor people getting it is a pipedream. Have fun using that money to blow up more brown children though. Even Obama loved doing that. 

It's ridiculous to suggest that a socialist government that had a 90% tax rate, even at the astronomical end of the pay scale, would simultaneously spend it's new found riches on "all the things that liberals hate". I didn't address that point because I didn't want to embarrass you by pointing out your ridiculous strawman.

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