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 Posted: Mon May 6th, 2019 08:46 am
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2/2/1967 Boston MA
Haystack Muldoon & Chris Belkas beat Sweet Daddy Watts & Bull Montana
Tony Zollo draw Garma Singh
Pat Sullivan beat Flying Frenchman
Paul Shusas beat Jim Beaton

2/9/1967 Boston MA
Haystack Muldoon & Chris Belkas beat Terry Garvin & Ronnie Garvin DQ
Pat Sullivan beat Sweet Daddy Watts
Louis Valenzuela beat Jim Beaton DQ
Paul Shusas draw Garma Singh

2/10/1967 New Haven CT
Spiros Arion & Antonio Pugliese vs Luke Graham & Gorilla Monsoon
Arnold Skaaland vs Frank Hickey
Miguel Perez vs Tony Nero
Arman Hussein vs Smasher Sloan
Tank Morgan vs the Ox

2/16/1967 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa beat Terry Garvin
Bull Montana beat Pat Sullivan
Haystack Muldoon beat Garma Singh
Sweet Daddy Watts draw Chris Belkas

2/21/1967 Bridgeport CT
Baron Mikel Scicluna & Smasher Sloan vs Ox Baker & Ricky Sexton
Antonio Pugliese vs Bull Ortega
Spiros Arion vs Tank Morgan
Luke Graham vs Arman Hussian
Gorilla Monsoon vs Tony Nero

2/23/67 Boston MA
Bull Curry vs Pat Sullivan
Sylvia Torres vs Doris Dorsey
Chris Belkas vs Gama Singh
Haystack Muldoon vs Sweet Daddy Watts

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