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 Posted: Mon May 6th, 2019 08:48 pm
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srossi wrote: bpickering wrote: Spatulapup wrote: The upcoming Black Widow movie  is a prequel. So it looks like she really is dead. Natalie Portman didn't return for Endgame. They just used a old scene from one of The Thor movies and inserted The raccoon into it.
Don't know how they start Phase Four with a prequel with a  Character that is already dead.  So we will see. 

Unless there's breaking news, I don't think this is confirmed yet.  As of a few days ago, there was still speculation about how they would handle this. Neither option is ideal.  You either 1) go into Phase 4 with a prequel, giving the backstory of a relatively minor and non-commercial character who is going to be non-consequential going forward or 2) go into Phase 4 with a storyline where Hawkeye searches to bring her back to life, making the title character dead for half the movie.  Seems weird either way.
 And I don't want a movie where Hawkeye is carrying the story. Never been a big fan of the character or Renner. There was way too much of him in Endgame for me.