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 Posted: Mon May 6th, 2019 09:22 pm
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I have seen the movie a couple times. I really enjoyed it.  Some have complained that the first part of the movie dragged but I thought there was a nice build. I enjoyed watching how they were adjusting to how the world was. Some people wanted non stop action from beginning to end.

 I loved Thor. He has become my favorite avenger. I didnt see him as a fat bum. Just that he was messed up from what happened to him. He lost his whole family, he lost asgard, and he didnt kill thanos and prevent the snap. They may have played it a little too much for laughs but thankfully Chris Hemsworth has the comedic talent to pull it off. And I really liked his scenes with his mom. Call me a softy I guess. And he returned to being a badass by the end anyways. looking forward to what they do with him and the guardians in the future.

I am going to miss Chris Evans and Downey. It will be hard to replace those guys. And I liked how both of their characters ended up. Although I was not happy with Cap giving the shield to Falcon. Not a fan of his at all. He should have given it to Buck.

I dont mind what they did to Hulk. He is a one note character otherwise. I thought it worked. They probably should have let him have one battle with Thanos but whatever.

I dont really care about Widow or Hawkeye. I have had trouble warming up to Captain Marvel. Dont know if its the character or the actress. Dont find her that likeable. I really like Spiderman. Tom Holland is a good actor. He really got the audiences tears flowing just with his emotion he put to it.

Crowds I saw it with were so into it. There was clapping, cheers and tears. Never seen all of that together at a movie before. One of the great things about going to the movies if the movie really delivers.

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