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 Posted: Tue May 7th, 2019 08:37 am
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07/19/37 Springfield IL
Bull Curry (Sam Curry) beat Gene Bowman (Chattanooga TN)
Lou Thesz draw Jim McMillen
Jim Goon Henry beat Jim Coffield
Blue Sun Jennings beat Cherry Vallina

07/29/37 St Louis MO
Chris Zaharias beat Bull Curry
George Koverly beat Eddie Newman
Ernie Klein beat Rollie Pickett
Ellis Bashara draw Ray Eckert
Joe Miller beat Eddie Burke

08/03/37 Evansville IN
Chief Blue Sun Jennings (Haskell OK) beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
George Koverly beat Dorve Roche
Ellis Bashara beat Gene Bowman

08/06/37 Alton IL
Sols Slagel beat Warren Bockwinkel (sub for Bull Curry)
Blue Sun Jennings NC Ellis Bashara
Gene Bowman beat Jim Coffield
Ray Villmer beat Eddie Newman DQ

08/18/37 Atlanta GA
Chris Zaharias beat Gene Bowman sub for Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
Dan O’Connor beat Dobie Osborne
George Zaharias beat Cowboy Luttrall

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