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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2019 03:18 pm
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Today's Hidden Jems

As it turns out, we’ve been treated to several legitimate rarities from the Texas territory best known as World Class Championship Wrestling. First up, WWE has uploaded a portion of a Texas Death match between The Sheik and Fritz Von Erich (titled “To Tame a Madman“) from the pre-WCCW days when the territory was better known as Big Time Wrestling. The given date is 02/28/1977, which lines up with a match between the two at a Fort Worth taping. The footage shown here is partial as mentioned, though issues with the upload suggest that it may at least be due to tape degradation rather than an intentional edit. Nonetheless, pre-WCCW footage is very rare and especially so from the ’70s or earlier. Therefore, any that survives at all is noteworthy.

Next up, we amazingly have a full 40-minute TV episode dated 10/27/1980, a good 15 months earlier than any full weekly WCCW show previously uploaded to the WWE Network. It’s been given the fitting name of “Becoming WCCW“, as it marks the occasion of Big Time Wrestling officially taking on its new moniker. Needless to say, unearthing something as historic as this in such a complete form is quite exciting for the wrestling historians amongst us.

Last but far from least, we have “The Battle With Brody“, dated 06/07/1981 which sees The Great Kabuki battle Bruiser Brody in a steel cage at one of WCCW’s major “Star Wars” events. This is actually the second match from this particular show to be made available in Hidden Gems, with the first being Ernie Ladd vs Kerry Von Erich. While complete uploads of these kinds of major cards would always be preferred, at nearly 30 minutes in length, this steel cage war between two greats should not be overlooked.

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