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 Posted: Fri May 10th, 2019 04:38 pm
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I think it's safe to say that Batista has found his true calling and we're all better for it.

Thor's always been a little tough to handle and mesh with the other Avengers. The only thing that really kept him grounded was the Don Blake alter-ego...then Sigurd Jarlson, Jake Foster, etc. Jarlson was mostly Thor in jeans, but even then they would intentionally write him as an awkward "fish out of water" in his everyday scenes. The MCU Thor has no alter ego, so I'm okay that they've made him more of a comedic character.

Thor's "aye, verily" and nobility antics have always been kinda' cheesy. Example from the late 60's: "Balder! Whom I greet and embrace as a brother!" No way you'd expect movie audiences to take that seriously.

I totally missed Tobias Funke in "Infinity War", and I missed the Howard the Duck cameo, this time around. Thank you, Internets.

You mentioned Sif...and I can't stand "Agents of SHIELD", so has that show explained where she's been since "Thor: The Dark World"? Valkyrie kinda' took her place in the scheme of movie things.

Oh...for the underwater earthquakes thing: I was actually thinking MOSES MAGNUM. Magnum had a an arc battling the Avengers, circa 1999. Nonetheless, those few lines of dialogue seemed a little weird, in retrospect.

I've read some fan speculation about the final end-credits noise. I think there's nothing more to it that concluding Iron Man. That's it. For instance, it's NOT a set-up for Doctor Doom. Or Ultimo or any other villain that uses metal.