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 Posted: Mon May 13th, 2019 09:00 pm
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So I found the post.  His "expert analysis" involves sharing a link to a site I've never heard of before saying that Sheamus might have to retire, followed by him writing "ps - I don't know if RAW is on tonight or tomorrow and I really don't care".  Well that's gotta be worth $10, don't you think?  Raw's only been on Monday nights for 25 years , but who's keeping track?

For a pseudo-celebrity, he gets a pitiful amount of action on his page.  This only has 68 likes and 7 comments.  I feel bad for a few of the people who are actually made to feel guilty about this despite not making 1/100th of what SSBG pissed away over the course of his life.

"again I'll apologize for having no funds, my doctor wants to admit me for my hypertension....I'll completely understand if I'm unfriended but I only get about $900 to live on a month and I have to go to church pantry's most months to eat.....I'll always be a SBG fan though"

"I donated and am embarrassed I couldn't give more (I'm unemployed)."

This thread was great before AA ruined it.