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 Posted: Tue May 14th, 2019 12:18 am
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tamalie wrote: Verne Gagne was to wrestling what the likes of Stan Musial, Al Kaline, Johnny Unitas, Harmon Killebrew, Bobby Hull (pre hair replacement), and other similar top athletes were from the post World War 2 era into the early 1970s at the latest. All were good, hard working, quiet, and incredibly talented with bland personalities that went along with the All American athlete thing that was big at the time and lasted later with pre scandal Steve Garvey and to an extent Tim Tebow if the religion thing was dialed back several notches. AWA fans loved The Crusher. They respected Verne. Verne was over and stayed over in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver, Winnipeg, and so on because he'd been on top there forever, probably too long by this point, but certainly once he lost the title to Bock in 1975, that would have been a good time to hang up the boots. He looked too old by then certainly and there was no way to take that act to a non AWA city and make it work.Excellent analogy. The whole thing with professional wrestling though was that even the blandest face characters needed to have some color to their personalities. This could include that the face be fiery, good looking so he is appealing to the ladies, or an ethnic hero. Verne didn't fit any of those roles. He was a good looking man whose in ring skills could never be questioned. But that didn't really last past 1955 which was when his hair loss became noticeable.

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