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 Posted: Tue May 14th, 2019 08:21 am
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02/03/38 Orlando FL
Johnny Evko beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
Gene Bowman draw Allan Eustace
Carlos Vallina beat Pat Flynn

02/04/38 Fort Myers FL
Bull Curry (Sam Curry) draw Abdul Pasha
Carlos Vallina beat Lee Wing

02/10/38 Orlando FL
Carlos Vallina beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
Tony Cancella beat Pat Murphy
Alan Eustace beat Blimp Levy

02/17/38 Orlando FL
Gene Bowman beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry) DQ
Johny Evko beat Sam Marvin
Carlos Vallina draw Abdul Pasha

02/24/38 Orlando FL
Charley Webb beat Bull Curry (Sam Curry)
Tony Cancela beat Jack Dillon DQ
Alan Eustace beat Carlos Vallina

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