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 Posted: Tue May 14th, 2019 09:09 am
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I just watched the documentary on the Network. I think the WWE completely manufactured this story of this being a so called "Holy Grail". I wasn't a prolific tape tarder but I was in it enough to know what was out there and what was wanted. I never heard anyone clamoring for this match. Maybe Glorious Leader beej can give us better insight because he was much deeper in the tape scene than I was.

A true Holy Grail match in my opinion would be something like Sammartino vs. Rogers MSG 1963, Blassie vs. Tolos Los Angeles Coliseum 1971, or Sammartino vs. Morales Shea Stadium 1972. These are matches that haven't been seen in any way, shape, or form. I believe the Lost Battle of Atlanta fell into that category but I could be wrong. All the Magee vs. Hart match turned out to be was a meaningless match to help give Magee experience because they saw potential in him. Magee went over clean, the match was ok. That's it. It was extremely difficult to masturbate to.

Near the end, they interviewed the 2019 Tom Magee. These days, he looks like either one of David Icke's Lizard People or a Stage IV AIDS patient. The man looks horrendous. I also laugh how they brought in "experts" like Kassius Ohno and X-Pac for their scholarly dissertations on the subject matter. All in all the doc wasn't bad but there was a lot of tranny porn I could have watched in that half hour.

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