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 Posted: Tue May 14th, 2019 03:53 pm
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The latest rant from the Superstar. Apparently he will begin blocking/deleting his Facebook friends who do not donate and has a waiting list of willing suckers.
So all it costs to be a friend to SSBG on Facebook is a donation. However that will get you his expert analysis on the state of the current WWE....... This man is pathetic.

Just before I started this post I checked my gofundme amount and the last donation was 11 hours ago from a nice man named Tom Gelfuso at $25. By now that has been a good 13 hours starting at 6 AM Phoenix time, all day long without 1 donation. That tells me the majority of my Facebook fans do not give a shit about me, about 5,000 of you. I started my gofundme on Jan.17th, 2018. One year and a half now. I am fucking done with begging you people for nickles and dimes. I am going to start the process of blocking all of you who have not given a damn dime. I am weary as hell over being slapped in the face by you non givers who just want to take and not even give a 5 or a 10 back. I have over 10,000 fans waiting to get on my Facebook. I can give 5,000 of them a chance to give by adding them to my FB. Superstar B.G.