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 Posted: Tue May 14th, 2019 06:04 pm
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retroken wrote: It took me six months to digitize my CD collection so I can only guess what a pain it must be to digitize wrestling DVDs. I don;t think I would ever get through mine - but I may at least transfer all my MSG and Philly house shows at some point later in life - as for these, I grabbed the 2/17/75 MSG show which I only had bits and pieces of.
Thanks Doc! great content and welcome back - hope you keep posting about the great WWWF!

It is a bit of a pain but worth it.  For me most shows were transferred from VHS and spread across 2 DVD's to preserve quality.  Getting them into single files to share is pretty cool.  I just do this when I have some time.  At age 50 with a family it is low priority.  Things will be updated when I can.  
Sorry for the late response.

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